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PodCastle Spotlight: California Bones!

Anna and Dave take one last summer read and discuss California Bones, by Greg van Eekhout. If you’ve heard Greg’s The Osteomancer’s Son, you might recognize it. Then again, you might not!

Also, an excerpt! Yes, Dave reads an excerpt! You guys should totally campaign for him to read the audiobook!

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PodCastle Spotlight: Ironskin, by Tina Connolly

Dave and Anna hear from PodCastle pal Tina Connolly about her debut novel Ironskin, and discuss Evil Fairies, Jane Eyre, and ANGER. (Anna is ALWAYS angry.)

Visit Tina Connolly online, and definitely check out her flash fiction podcast Toasted Cake!

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PodCastle Spotlight: Briarpatch

Dave and Anna (um, Anna? ANNA?!?! Where’d you go?) talk about Tim Pratt’s new book Briarpatch! If you’re looking to get that special someone (or yourself) something for the holidays, look no further!