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PodCastle 463: A Dozen by Dunsany

Show Notes

Rated PG

A Dozen by Dunsany

by Lord Dunsany

read by Wilson Fowlie, Setsu Uzume, Graeme Dunlop, Eric Luke, Matt Dovey, Aidan Doyle, Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, Cheyenne Wright, Tina Connolly, Steve Anderson, Jen Albert, Amal el-Mohtar.

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PodCastle 462, ARTEMIS RISING: Stay


by K.C. Ball

An almost-bass voice said something I didn’t catch. Higher voices giggled, then five kids moved out of the shadows into the hard light of the parking lot.

Two boys, three girls; none a day beyond eighteen. Bumping against each other. Laughing for no reason. At ease and full of life, the way kids are when they believe adults can’t see or hear them.


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PodCastle 461, ARTEMIS RISING: Fated Ink

Fated Ink

by Siobhan Gallegher

The front door goes ding-a-ling and in walks a young woman, with bouncing blonde curls, bright blue eyes, blemish-free skin. The picture of perfection, some would say.

But I know better. I’ve seen girls like her, and I’ll see a million more, all optimistic hope-filled bags of flesh. Then they come to me and that changes everything.

The young woman points to the sign in the window, says something about wanting a tattoo above the crack of her little ass. Charming.

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PodCastle 460, ARTEMIS RISING: The Settlement

The Settlement

by Wendi Dunlap

They file out into the predawn chill before the rest of the settlement is awake. Cloaked by a thick fog and the still darkness of a waning night, they carry shovels and picks. Despite the high collars and low hats that conceal their faces, their attempts at anonymity are wasted. I recognize them instantly through the frost of the kitchen window, their layers of clothing stitched by my own hand or those of my brethren.

I see you Reverend John Able, Matthias Smith, Thomas Gore, William Roe and Matthew Surgeon. And God sees you too.

They are silent in their duties, barely even looking at one another. Their breath visible in heavy puffs that quickly condense into white frost, as they pound the hard, frozen earth. They dig deeper, until the ground cracks, and still farther until they hit bone. It is hard work and it takes an hour before the first body is pulled up.

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