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PodCastle 405, ARTEMIS RISING: Beat Softly, My Wings of Steel

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Welcome back to Artemis Rising 2!

Beat Softly, My Wings of Steel

by Beth Cato

By the light of the full moon, I crept onto a battlefield mounded with decaying soldiers and horses. Mud squished beneath my boots as I searched for a horse’s soul. This close to the Jen picket lines, they had likely already scavenged for souls of both flesh horses and those that had already been reborn as pegasi, but I was desperate.

Not far away, the campfires of the Jen army flickered, their encampment a living wall across the peninsula. At my back, my own city Sharva repulsed me like the rotten flesh on this battlefield. Holes dotted the magicked dome over the spires like a moth-gnawed veil unable to hide an ugly bride. I would rejoice over Sharva’s imminent fall but not for what that meant for me and Grandmother.

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PodCastle 404, ARTEMIS RISING: Territory

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Rated R

Welcome back to Artemis Rising!


by Jae Steinbacher



If we do the magic wrong, Lucy, we won’t know until our bodies fail and there’s nothing we can do to go back.

We lie down together in the grass, the damp blades tickling our legs below the hems of our pleated skirts, our hands clasped, and close our eyes, and let our hearts slow until they beat no more. The rain comes first, plastering your dark curls against your forehead, washing away the spell words inked on the palms of our hands. Our skin turns pale and cold, harder and yet more yielding. We stop smelling like ourselves, like cherry lipgloss and hard white soap and the heather crushed on the bottoms of our shoes. We smell like nothing for a time, and then like the bottom of the bins, like the dog on the side of the road, putrescine and cadaverine.

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PodCastle 403, ARTEMIS RISING: Send in the Ninjas

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Rated PG-13

Welcome back to Artemis Rising II!

Send in the Ninjas

by Michelle Ann King

The streets are more full of snow than people tonight, lending everything an enjoyably deserted, apocalyptic air. Isabel smiles as she walks home, humming happily to herself. Getting stood up never fails to put her in a good mood.

She always goes on the dates her mother sets up, but she much prefers it when the other person doesn’t show. That way, Isabel still gets credit for trying, while also getting to skip straight to the part where she doesn’t have to go on a second date.

Sexual relationships are a minefield Isabel would rather not have to navigate. She works as a copy-editor for a publisher that specialises in erotic science fiction, and real life never stands up to the sex in the books. She also worries about her left breast being a slightly different shape from the right—her last boyfriend was an artist, and his preoccupation with proportion gave her a bit of a complex. All things considered, it simply doesn’t seem worth it.

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PodCastle 402: Opals and Clay (Artemis Rising)

Show Notes

Rated PG.

Welcome to Artemis Rising II!

Opals and Clay

by Nino Cipri

“I’ll need you to oversee the shipment coming in today,” Lady Adina told me at her breakfast. “The household finally allocated us a clay serva, and it’ll be arriving with the other goods.”

Adina took her meals in her study, which was the only spacious room in the aquaplex, with tall ceilings and curved walls. My mistress ate by the large, convex window that looked into the water, shaped like a fish’s eye, created by embedding glass into a lattice of metal. It gave a view that only fish—and my dead ancestors—had seen: the forest of kelp that grew amid the crumbled walls and columns of the destroyed city of Tenitha.

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