PodCastle 380: Spirit Forms of the Sea

Spirit Forms of the Sea

by Bogi Takács

Réka steps forward from between two tents. She looks dazed and one of her braids is partly undone; the guard must’ve found her asleep.

She frowns at the stranger and her eyes narrow even further in the morning sunlight.

He smiles at her the way he would smile at one of his younger sisters, or even one of his own children. My stomach turns. Then he lets loose his spirit form and it ascends to the sky, a majestic white horse not matching his pedestrian self.

About the Author

Bogi Takács

Bogi Takács is a neutrally gendered Hungarian Jewish person who’s recently moved to the US. Eir fiction and poetry have been published in venues like ClarkesworldApex and Strange Horizons, where e also won last year’s Readers’ Poll in Poetry category with an animated poem, You Are Here / Was: Blue Line to Memorial Park. Eir website is at www.prezzey.net and you can follow em on Twitter as @bogiperson, where e also tweets SFF short story and poem recommendations by diverse authors on a semi-regular basis.

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About the Narrator

Setsu Uzume

Setsu is the host and assistant editor at PodCastle. They write and occasionally narrate dark fantasy. Setsu’s interests include violin, baking, swordwork, horseback archery, linguistics, and making friends with your cat. Their fiction has appeared in Grimdark Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Magic: The Gathering.

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