PodCastle 376: Ink

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Rated R.

THE TWELVE WAYS OF CHRISTMAS, her collection of speculative fiction holiday stories, is available from Hydra House Books.


by Sandra M. Odell

A woman stood at the tattoo parlor’s door. Small, damp from the storm, hair disheveled and slightly askew. Comfortable in her clothes, not her skin. The sight of her made Tiger’s chest itch, and his tattoos tingle. He turned down the stereo. “Can I help you with something?”

The woman looked at the shelves stuffed with pattern books, the posters of half­-naked men and women displaying their tattoos and piercings. “Is this Stars And Stripes Ink?”

Her voice had a touch of falsetto.

“That’s what the sign says in the window.”

She brushed aside her bangs, tugging her hair back into place in a way Tiger supposed he wasn’t meant to notice. “I would like a tattoo.”


About the Author

Sandra M. Odell

Sandra M. Odell
Sandra lives in Washington state with her husband, sons, and an Albanian miniature moose masquerading as a dog. Her work has appeared in such venues as PodCastle, PseudoPod, Daily Science Fiction, and Crossed Genres. She is currently hard at work avoiding her second novel.

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Sandra M. Odell

About the Narrator

Sean D. Sorrentino

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Sean D. Sorrentino lives in the Raleigh, North Carolina area with his wife and his dogs. He has narrated stories for PodCastle and Pseudopod.

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