PodCastle Miniature 79: The Dolphin

Show Notes

Rated R. Goddamn the Dolphin! Happy Halloween!

The Dolphin

by Dave Bishop

I couldn’t see anything amiss and I’d already signed my name, so I pulled myself from my mother’s embrace and sailed away with her tears staining my coat.

“Man the pumps,” called the mate on my first watch.  “Davey Jones is watching us and he thinks the God damn Dolphin‘s his very own pet.  He wants her back, you dogs, so pump or we’ll all go swimming.”

“God damn the Dolphin,” we said as we pumped all ninety-five days to Montego Bay though the sky was untouched, the glass stayed high, and a soft breeze blew us gently from the East.

About the Author

Dave Bishop

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Dave Bishop might or might not exist, and thus far has thwarted all efforts to confirm the truth either way.

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About the Narrator

Joe Scalora

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Joe Scalora is a senior marketing manager at Del Rey Books and Del Rey Star Wars.

He is a curator of Geek pursuits and has narrated for Pseudopod and The Double Shadow, the Clark Ashton Smith podcast.

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