PodCastle 229: The Tonsor’s Son

Show Notes

Rated R for violence, gore.

The Tonsor’s Son

by Michael John Grist

I knew from the moment I saw him that his beard was full of evil.

He walked into my shop carrying a copper-hilted cane, clopping its burnished tip smartly on the hair strewn tonsory floor with his every step. He wore camel-hide gloves with the hair turned inwards, so his hands seemed a milky mother-of-pearl white, as though agapornic. His eyes were a sharp hazel-brown, intelligent, intent upon the tonsory around him, absorbing the details, finally settling on me.

He walked flush up to me, busy as I was sweeping lopped brown locks into a scuttle, and smiled tightly, extending one of those sickeningly pale hands towards me. His thinly sliced moustache bristled as his upper lip curled back, and I knew the evil was in there too, peering out at me from each follicle end. I could feel the waft of his past deeds emanating from the light down of his cheeks.

About the Author

Michael John Grist

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Michael John Grist is the author of the Last Mayor series and the Ruin War trilogy. He lives in London, UK.

For 11 years he lived in Tokyo exploring Japan’s modern ruins, called ‘haikyo’, gaining millions of hits on this website with his photographs and stories, which thriller bestseller Barry Eisler calls, “gorgeous, haunting, stunning.”

Now Michael enjoys working out in the gym, watching TV and movies, boardgaming, and of course writing science fiction and fantasy novels. He lives in London with his wife, and works as an academic English lecturer at university.

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About the Narrator

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson has narrated stories for all three Escape Artists podcasts (including a Parsec Award-winning story for PseudoPod). He narrates audiobooks and produces online videos out of a home studio at SGAcreative.com, and he writes and performs live history programs on tour at GreatTalesLive.com

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