PodCastle 161: The Giant of Malheur Park

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Rated PG

The Giant of Malheur Park

by Maria Deira

She moved outside, making her way through the yard, blades of wet grass poking at her bare ankles. The air smelled sweet, almost musty. It was early October, cold and breezy, and the night sky was clear. Mrs. Peña could just make out the rough silhouettes of her neighbors as they stood at their windows and in their front lawns, holding candles, watching, waiting. She overheard bits and pieces of their conversations:

“Phones aren’t working.”

“Cars aren’t running.”

“Radios and flashlights won’t even turn on.”

“No electricity anywhere in town.”

“There’s something in the park.”

The park.

Mrs. Peña hurried across the street. As she entered the park, the ground dipped before her and she tripped. She tried to catch herself, but instead she fell against a wall — a moist wall of flesh.

About the Author

Maria Deira

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Maria Deira grew up in the high desert of Eastern Oregon but now lives in the cozy gloom of the Willamette Valley. Her fiction has been published in A cappella ZooFiction SoutheastWord RiotGigaNotoSaurus, and Strange Horizons. She’s currently working on a novel.

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About the Narrator

Anna Schwind

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Anna Schwind is a writer, editor, former librarian and Montessori educator living in Saint Louis, Missouri.

For five years she served as co-editor of PodCastle alongside Dave Thompson, and together they found and produced some of the finest audio fantasy fiction available.

While Anna preferred to stay mostly behind the scenes, her writing and narration has appeared a few times over the years.

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