PodCastle 109, Bonus Episode: Watermark

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Rated PG for Father’s Day Issues – we hope yours turns out better than this!


by Michael Greenhut

Dear Father:

If you are reading this, Dariael murdered me.

Though I am not your favorite daughter, you also know I’m not the type of sixteen-year-old to feign suicide for sympathy. For the moment, I ask only that you believe in my abilities as a threadkeeper. If my sorcery works, you can save me in your universe. If you’re too busy to follow my instructions, you’ll never see me again.

In my timeline, I wrote this letter with your (presumably) grieving hands after you channeled me through a favorite memory. Naturally, Dariael was in the memory too. We had surprised you with that golden fleece jacket for your thirty-fifth birthday. You hugged Dariael, and I hugged you both.

About the Author

Michael Greenhut

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Michael Greenhut is a graduate of Clarion South 2007. He lives in New York City with his wife, cat, and 2 month old son. He’s looking forward to raising said child with a healthy dose of (original) Transformers and general 80s culture, except perhaps the hair.

He has sold fiction to Daily Science Fiction, Cosmos Online, and Fantasy Magazine, among others, and has been writing “freelance space opera” stories for the Dark Expanse video game universe. During the day, he works as a computer game developer, and hopes to one day contribute to game stories as well as regular fiction.

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About the Narrator

Amy Elk

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Amy Elk is a narrator.

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