Podcastle 76: The Small Door

Show Notes

Rated PG: Contains weirdos, children (the two are not mutually exclusive), and a very small door.

The Small Door

by Holly Phillips

Neither knew what the Weirdo did with his captives, but it was hard to think of a possibility that wasn’t horrible. Not when you saw that figure, with its thatched gray hair, lumpy shoulders and white hands as big as baseball gloves, carry some hapless creature into the house with the broken drainpipes and curtained windows. Even cooking and eating seemed too simple, too close to human.

“Sal,” Macey said, “we’ve got to find out.”

“You keep saying that.” Sal picked fuzzies off the bedspread, her mind drifting to the fair’s candy-bright commotion.

“But now I have a plan.”

About the Author

Holly Phillips

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Holly Phillips is the author of the novels The Burning Girl and The Engine’s Child. She is also the author of many short stories, many of which have been collected in her World Fantasy Award-nominated collection, In the Palace of Repose, and have appeared in such magazines as Asimov’s, Fantasy, Clarkesworld, Weird Tales, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, On Spec, and anthologies such as Full Moon City, Interfictions, Shine, and Lovecraft Unbound.

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About the Narrator

Tina Connolly

Tina Connolly’s books include the Ironskin and Seriously Wicked series, and the collection On the Eyeball Floor. She has been a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, Norton, and World Fantasy awards. She co-hosts Escape Pod, runs Toasted Cake, and is at tinaconnolly.com.

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