PC Miniature 36: To-Do List

Show Notes

Rated R. for language.

Read by Jake Squid.

To-Do List

by Nick Mamatas

1. Go to your local public library. Find a copy of The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung. Take a $50 bill from your pocket, fold it half, and insert it between pages 122 and 123. You will not return to that library until you have completed the rest of the tasks on this list.


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Nick Mamatas

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Nick Mamatas is the author of several novels, including The Last Weekend and I Am Providence. His short fiction has appeared previously here at PseudoPod three times as well as in Best American Mystery StoriesAsimov’s Science Fiction, and many other venues. His next book is The People’s Republic of Everything features a decade’s worth of crimes, fantasies, original fiction, and the author’s preferred text of the acclaimed short novel Under My Roof.

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Jake Squid

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