PodDisc shutting down

After years of great service, Arri and Kimi – who run Poddisc for us – have decided to step away. So PodDisc, our CD fulfilment site, will be shutting down in early February.

That means two things. First, if you’re a PodDisc customer – and we know lots of you are, and thanks for that – now is your last chance to get caught up on any t-shirts or back catalogue you’re missing. PodDisc is happy to take your orders.

Second, for the next little while EA won’t have a fulfilment service. We’ve been looking into different options behind the scenes, both for physical products like t-shirts and prints and swag, and for digital distribution of our back catalog.

(Right now I’m imagining the White House Press Corps right after someone says the words “truth about the Moon Landings.”)

Don’t worry, the EA back catalogue will always be available for free on our websites. Like I said, different options and ideas are in the works, for approaches you’ve not seen before to the retail side of the company. Once we have something to announce, you’ll be the first to know.

Kind regards,

Alasdair Stuart
Owner, Escape Artists

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PodCastle 397: In the Woods Behind My House

by Nicolette Barischoff

read by Steve Anderson

A PodCastle Original!

He had never talked about the griffin out loud before. He didn’t even think he’d had words to talk about her. She had always been something he’d go into the woods to watch, this silent, padding thing that sometimes stopped to cock her head at him, if he stood still enough, or took something he fed her into her curved black beak.

He had only touched her a handful of times, on the smooth, downy part at the top of her head, and she had watched him every time with hunting gold eyes, her lion’s tail lashing patiently. He’d never even tried to bring home any of her old scattered feathers or broken-off claws. He hadn’t even known, until he talked about her, if he thought she was real.

Rated PG-13 for some language.

Nicolette Barischoff got her start in speculative fiction last year with a story in Crossed Genres’ anthology Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction From the Margins of History. Her work has since appeared in Accessing the Future (The Future Fire), The Journal of Unlikely Academia (Unlikely Story), and Angels of the Meanwhile (forthcoming). She spends a lot of time advocating for body positivity and gender equality. CBS New York has called her activism “public pornography.” She has spastic cerebral palsy, and sometimes writes about disability. She blogs at nbarischoff.com, and can be reached on Twitter as @NBarischoff.

Steve Anderson has narrated stories for all three Escape Artists podcasts (including a Parsec Award-winning story for PseudoPod). He narrates audiobooks and produces online videos out of a home studio at SGAcreative.com, and he writes and performs live history programs on tour at GreatTalesLive.com.

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PodCastle Miniature 86: The Wedding of Snow, Earth, and Salt

by Kate Heartfield

With a special full cast reading. Happy New Year!

Wilson Fowlie as the Narrator

Graeme Dunlop as the North Wind

Jennifer Albert as Snow

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali as the East Wind

Arun Jiwa as Earth

Peter Wood as Salt

Rachael K. Jones as the West Wind

A PodCastle original!

The North Wind raised his glass, a tall flute clouded with cold, filled with thick yellow wine so sweet it stung the tongue. All the guests raised their glasses and waited through the speech, which was a warning.

“What is done, undoes. You will not leave here as you came.”

All the guests drank, and their eyes opened wide as the ice wine coated their throats.

Rated G.

Kate Heartfield is a journalist and fiction writer in Canada. Her fiction has appeared recently in Strange Horizons, Crossed Genres, Daily Science Fiction and elsewhere. Her story “Traveller, Take Me” appeared at PodCastle in the spring. She is one of five writers whose Shakespearean-fantasy novellas will appear in the collection Monstrous Little Voices from Abaddon Books in April, 2016.

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PodCastle 396, Giant Episode: Spirits of the Wind

by Brendan Detzner

read by Wilson Fowlie

First appeared in the short story collection Beasts, by Brendan Detzner.

She was surprised how fast she’d caught herself missing the time that she lived here. She knew that she and Jessica and Rina had been driving each other crazy all cooped up together, and she remembered climbing up to the third floor and down again and how she thought she was going to slip and fall on the ice each winter when the landlord never laid down salt, and she missed it anyway, and could anticipate feel herself looking back and missing it more and more. A simple thing, gone now.

The truth, which she knew and thought everybody in the room had to know too,was that this had been a big year. They’d reached the top of a hill and were on their way down, and some of them were heading towards other hills and maybe some of them weren’t. People’s parents were dying. Guys were going bald, girls were covering up tattoos and using concealer. Mike, who was always a little crazy and fun to have around and who liked to drink, wasn’t around anymore, and still liked to drink and probably was drinking out there somewhere. Kat missed him, but she knew it was better that he was gone. She couldn’t afford to be around a guy like that anymore.

Rated PG-13 for some language.

Brendan Detzner lives, works, and writes in Chicago. His work is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and usually very strange. His work has appeared in Pseudopod, Bizarrocast, Tales to Terrify, and other places. He still needs to get into Escape Pod to complete the hat trick. Check out his short story collection “Beasts”. He also runs a monthly reading series in Chicago called Bad Grammar Theater.

Wilson Fowlie has been reading stories out loud since the age of 4, and credits any talent he has in this area to his parents, who are both excellent at reading aloud. He started narrating stories for more than just his own family in late 2008, when he answered a call for readers on the PodCastle forum. Since then, he has gone on to become PodCastle’s most prolific narrator, reading or appearing in nearly 30 episodes. He’s also narrated for many other podcasts, including PodCastle’s sister casts, EscapePod andPseudopod, as well as StarShip Sofa and other District of Wonder podcasts, Beam Me Up, Cast Macabre, Dunesteef Audio Fiction magazine and the Journey Into… podcast. He fits in all this narrating between his day job as a web developer in Vancouver, Canada, and being the director of a community show chorus called The Maple Leaf Singers. He’s still hoping to find a paying gig narrating stories, someday.

Read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

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