PodCastle Miniature 86: The Wedding of Snow, Earth, and Salt

by Kate Heartfield

With a special full cast reading. Happy New Year!

Wilson Fowlie as the Narrator

Graeme Dunlop as the North Wind

Jennifer Albert as Snow

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali as the East Wind

Arun Jiwa as Earth

Peter Wood as Salt

Rachael K. Jones as the West Wind

A PodCastle original!

The North Wind raised his glass, a tall flute clouded with cold, filled with thick yellow wine so sweet it stung the tongue. All the guests raised their glasses and waited through the speech, which was a warning.

“What is done, undoes. You will not leave here as you came.”

All the guests drank, and their eyes opened wide as the ice wine coated their throats.

Rated G.

Kate Heartfield is a journalist and fiction writer in Canada. Her fiction has appeared recently in Strange Horizons, Crossed Genres, Daily Science Fiction and elsewhere. Her story “Traveller, Take Me” appeared at PodCastle in the spring. She is one of five writers whose Shakespearean-fantasy novellas will appear in the collection Monstrous Little Voices from Abaddon Books in April, 2016.