PodCastle 366: Sticks and Stones

by Nathaniel Lee

read by Tatiana Gomberg

Originally appeared in Crossed Genres.

The dead body was ugly, as dead bodies tended to be. The man’s face was swollen and purple-black with the blood that had pooled in his cheeks before congealing. Blood on the sidewalks had smeared with the rain before the sun rose. Lillian stared at the stains with her hands in her pockets, toying with her ring.

“Detective Staunton?”

“Blunt force,” she said, not turning around. “Probably some pretty heavy words, by the look of them; he’s almost crushed. Loser, maybe. Failure. Took him by surprise, I think; the first blow from the back spun him around. You can see the blood spatter where he turned.”

Rated PG-13.

Nathaniel Lee lives with his family in South Carolina.  His work has appeared in dozens of venues online and off, including several times previously here on PodCastle.  He serves as the editor of the Drabblecast and assistant editor at Escape Pod.

Tatiana Gomberg is a New York City based actress of stage, screen, and of course, the audio booth. Learn more about her at tatianagomberg.com.