PodCastle 136: The Christmas Mummy

by Heather Shaw & Tim Pratt.
Read by Rish Outfield of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.
Originally Published in A Christmas Chapbook.

Trish led Nate from the room, into the hall — their parents’ door was
closed — and onto the stairs. She could hear someone moving down
there. Trish crept down the carpeted steps. The only light in the
living room came from the bright Christmas tree. Even the yule log in
the fireplace had burned down.

Two men, dressed in black pajamas with their faces covered, were tying
a big red ribbon around a crate that was bigger than the couch.

“Ninjas?” Trish whispered to her brother.

Christmas ninjas,” Nate said.

One of the ninjas pulled up his mask a little and ate one of the
cookies they’d left for Santa. He drank the milk, too, leaving a white
mustache on his ninja mask when he pulled it back down over his mouth.

Rated G

Happy holidays to all of you from all of us at PodCastle!