PodCastle Miniature 54: A Spot of Bother, High Above the Undead Sea

by Kris Dikeman

Read by Simon Meddings (of the Waffle-On podcast)

A PodCastle Original!

Bits and pieces of passengers and crew lay in untidy heaps along the deck. Picking my way through the remains of the unfortunate purser, I stepped to the railing. The setting sun threw the airship’s shadow across the water. Amid the rolling waves, the mermaids kept pace with us, gliding effortlessly in a perfect Q-formation.

“Regard,” I said to the gore-spattered robot, hoping to distract him from his murderous frenzy. “The zombie mermaids of the Undead Sea. The dirigible’s shape triggers the decayed synapses of their putrefied brains, awakening memories of the briny dill pickles they craved in life.”

Rated R: Contains Zombie Mermaids, Killer Robots, Dirigibles, and Cigars