PodCastle 100: Remembrance Is Something Like a House

by Will Ludwigsen

Read by Wilson Fowlie

Originally Published in Interfictions 2

Every day for three decades, the abandoned house strains against its
galling anchors, hoping to pull free. It has waited thirty years for
its pipes and pilings to finally decay so it can leave for Florida to
find whatever is left of the Macek family.

Nobody in its Milford neighborhood will likely miss the house or even
notice its absence; it has hidden for decades behind overgrown bushes,
weeds, and legends. When they talk about the house at all, the
neighbors whisper about the child killer who lived there long ago with
his family: a wife and five children who never knew their father kept
his rotting playmate in the crawlspace until the police came.

The house, however, knows the truth and wants to confess it, even if
it has to crawl eight hundred miles.

Rated PG because you can never go home again, but sometimes home can come to you.

Happy 100! Thanks for to all our listeners for being part of the journey!