Podcastle 80: Superhero Girl

Show Notes

Rated PG: For Superheroes, Secret Identities, and Wham! Pow! BOOM!

Superhero Girl

by Jessica J. Lee

Ofelia was a superhero.  She told me so without reserve.  “It’s safe for me to tell you,” she said.  “I can sense you’re not a villain.  Besides, it would be unfair to keep it from you.  It won’t be easy, you know, being involved with a superhero girl.”

It did take some getting used to.  She received her mission briefings in birdsong, in radio static, encoded in every third word backwards from a breaking news bulletin on the televisions in a specific store window.  She saw battle plans drawn out for her in cloud patterns, coffee cup rings, the movement of players on a soccer field.  During these moments she would stand frozen in mid-motion, her head cocked to the side, listening intently.  Then she would drop—literally drop—whatever she was doing and dash away, calling apologies over her shoulder.

About the Author

Jessica J. Lee

Jessica J. Lee has recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA in English and a minor in anthropology. When not writing, she spends her time watching westerns, coordinating Z-Day drills, and mollycoddling her dwarf hamsters. She’ll have left the country by the end of the summer; she does not know when she’ll be back. This is her first published story.

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About the Narrator

Jack Mangan

Jack Mangan is a narrator.

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