Podcastle Miniature 40: Incubus

by Tim Pratt

Read by Chris Reynaga

Every forty or fifty years the incubus and the succubus got together
to catch up. This time they met in a quiet little bar, and the incubus
said, “Yeah, it’s been hard these past few years. I did porn for a
while, but these days, with Viagra and everything, it doesn’t matter
what kind of a woodsman you are, because anybody can pop a pill and
perform superhuman feats of sexual prowess.”

The succubus nodded in sympathy, invisible serpents twining in her
hair. “I hear you. There’s easy money in internet porn, but it’s no
good for me, I miss the personal connection. But you can still do the
gigolo thing, right?”

Rated R: It’s an incubus and a succubus. There will be S-E-X! (Or, at least, talk of sex)