PodCastle Miniature 013: The Fable of the Ostrich

By Peter S. Beagle
Read by Stephen Eley (of Escape Pod)

Once upon a time, in a remote corner of Africa, there was a young ostrich who refused to put his head in the sand at the slightest sign of danger.  He strolled around unafraid, even when lions were near, cheerfully mocking his parents, his relations, and all his friends, every one of whom believed absolutely that their only safety lay in blind immobility.  “It makes you invisible, foolish boy!” his father was forever shouting at him in vain.  “You can’t see the lion — the lion can’t see you!  What part of Q.E.D. don’t you understand?”

Rated G. Hakuna matata.  (Except for ostriches.)

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