PodCastle Miniature 008: Believe

By Katherine Sparrow
Read by Ann Leckie
First appeared in Son and Foe (full text at link)

“I’ve been practicing.”

Kenya nods her head. “It takes a lot of practice.”

“How long did it take you?”

“Forever!” Kenya claps her hands and makes two more quarters appear. At lunch she buys two chocolate milks with her quarters and gives one to Maria. It is sweet and thick and better than the wheat bread and yellow rubber-cheese sandwich her Mom packed for her.

They have a test in long division after lunch and Maria feels mad that Kenya can just get an ‘A’ with magic but she has to work hard. She knows how to do it but keeps forgetting to carry the ones and the twos and the only thing that matters to the teacher is getting the answer right. I believe I’ll get an A, Maria thinks as hard as she can. D into A, D into A!

“Can you do more magic?” Maria asks Kenya at recess.


“Will you show me?”

“Maybe tomorrow. I have to believe more first.”

Rated G. Contains quarters in unexpected places.

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  1. 1

    scatterbrain said,

    August 11, 2008 @ 12:00 pm

    Lovely; I myself was clapping hands by the end.

    I really enjoyed the way magic was presented on the same level as thrift stores and recipes.

  2. 2

    Dave (aka Nev the Deranged) said,

    August 23, 2008 @ 4:07 pm

    Heh. Cute. Wish I could learn to do that!

  3. 3

    Betsy said,

    August 26, 2008 @ 6:23 am

    Very nice 🙂 But that trick never worked for me…

  4. 4

    Bret said,

    September 14, 2008 @ 9:52 pm

    Why is Benjamin Rosenbaum listed with this story in iTunes?

    I did a search and found http://www.sonandfoe.com/believe/ that makes me believe the author is Katherine Sparrow as it is listed in the description.

    This causes the iTunes search to match this story if I search by Benjamin Rosenbaum.

  5. 5

    The Fix | From the Podosphere: August 2008 said,

    September 16, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

    […] “Believe” by Katherine Sparrow is a PodCastle Miniature read by Ann Leckie. Schoolkids are doing magic—or is it just conjuring? What do you believe? This slight tale is given greater depth by a counterpoint with the main character’s disadvantaged home-life. […]

  6. 6

    Spork said,

    September 22, 2008 @ 6:50 pm


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