PC002: For Fear of Dragons

By Carrie Vaughn
Read by Cunning Minx (of Polyamory Weekly).
Introduction by Summer Brooks.
First appeared in Weird Tales, 2006.

The year came when soldiers rode to Jeanette’s family’s holding. Their
captain announced that from the sea to the mountains, Jeanette was the only
woman over the age of ten known to be a virgin. Only one possible name
could be drawn in the lottery.

Jeanette’s mother sobbed, and the soldiers had to tie her father to keep
him from doing violence. They held her three brothers off with crossbows.
Her family had urged her time and again to marry someone, anyone, a young
whelp, an old widower on his deathbed. They had even begged her to find a
likely boy to love her for a night and give her a child. But Jeanette had
refused, because she knew that this day would come, that one day she would
be chosen, and she knew her destiny.
 Before the soldiers led her away, Jeanette held her mother’s face in her
hands. “It’s all right. I have a plan, I know what to do.”
Rated G. Contains enormous webbed wings, sharp fangs, and a hide of glistening scales.