Privacy Policy

Just like the conditions of use, this page is supposed to be filled with a lot of legalese. But we’re never happy with confusing people, so let’s talk common sense.

First Things First

Escape Artists, Inc., will never sell customer data to anyone. Ever. Period. Even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t know how to go about it. But in case the “opportunity” ever arises, let’s make it clear: we won’t sell any information to any other parties, under any circumstances. We won’t share it for free, either. If confronted with a court order we will of course comply with it, but only to the extent required by law.

We Don’t Know Your Credit Card Number

We’re primarily in the business of buying stories and producing audio recordings of them to release on the internet for free. We sell sponsorships of episodes, and ask for donations from listeners, to assist us in doing this. In the process of accepting your donation via, we will see the email address you use to log into Paypal (although certainly not your password or any financial information other than the donation amount you have chosen) and we may possibly address a single thank-you email to that email address at some point. But that’s all we’ll ever do with it. We don’t receive credit card or bank information at all, nor would we hold onto that information even if Paypal screwed up somehow and did send it to us. We would instead freak out, and immediately notify both you and Paypal that something is horribly wrong. We have never had anything like this happen, nor do we ever expect to see that day.

Any business dealings you have with a sponsor, beginning with the act of visiting a sponsor’s website, has nothing to do with us, and we take no responsibility for it. We just link there, man.

If You Post It, It Is Public

Our discussion forum exists for the purpose of public discussion. If you post words there, you implicitly assert that those words were written by you, or excerpted within the dictates of Fair Use law in the USA. You also agree that it’s okay (although in no way guaranteed) that whatever you posted will remain there indefinitely to be viewed by anyone in the entire world, and argued against and/or ridiculed by other posters, and maybe even by our staff. Welcome to the internet.

Big Brother Is Kinda Watching, But We Don’t Really Talk to Him

When you visit our site, the Web server logs your IP address and the page you visited or file you downloaded. We use our hosting provider’s logging and traffic analysis to determine our audience size, and report that size to potential sponsors; but we don’t make any special efforts to tie your IP address to you, and we don’t share this information with anyone else. We just want to know how many people are visiting and what they want. Our mining is not deep. The hosting provider could potentially give us information about how many listeners are located in which general geographical areas, but right now they don’t offer us that service, and in the foreseeable future our listenership will never be so large that it would be worth our while to try to target certain areas with certain sponsorships. So, we’ll probably never see that information either. If you want us to know where you are, look for the thread on our forums and post there to let us know.

Have a Cookie

When you make an account on our forums, our server gives your Web browser a cookie that can be used to identify you next time you visit. This is essentially just used to say “Hello Bob!” and keep you from having to type your password in again. There’s nothing nefarious going on. If you want to turn cookies off, no big deal. You’ll just be called “Guest” every time and have to put in your password before you log in.

Life Is Inconstant

One of the downsides of not going with the exhaustive legal statements is that we can’t be sure this is comprehensive, and it may change from time to time. If we’ve forgotten anything of concern to you or you have any questions at all, please drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to respond to any concerns you may have. Thanks very much!