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Podcastle 79: Marsh Gods

Marsh Gods by Ann Leckie Irris was a changed man. When he went out fishing, he didn’t spend the day drunk or asleep in the boat and then come home with nothing, the way everyone expected. Instead he made a full day’s catch early, and then picked up an axe and went to cut wood. […]

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PodCastle Miniature 88: Communion

by Jei D. Marcade  read by Jen R. Albert and Graeme Dunlop A PodCastle original! The mice come when Vyozhka calls them, her breath whistling through shattered teeth, brittle fingers tap-tapping on the temple floor. A storm-blown teak juts over the rubble of an outer wall: the mice scamper in along its ridged bark to patter […]

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