PodCastle Editorial Announcement and Submissions Update

In January of 2015, editors Dave Thompson and Anna Schwind announced their retirement from PodCastle. New editors Kitty NicIaian and Dawn Phynix were scheduled to take their place in April. While they’ve been hard at work behind the scenes for the last few months, they’re unfortunately no longer able to take the helm at PodCastle as previously planned. We wish them all the best as they move on to new adventures.

In their place, Dave and Anna have tapped Rachael K. Jones and Graeme Dunlop as the new co-editors of PodCastle.

Rachael K. Jones is a PodCastle author, occasional guest host, and longtime fan. Since 2013, she served as Escape Pod’s Submissions Editor. She is excited for the opportunity to carry on Podcastle’s tradition of excellent, diverse fantasy fiction alongside Graeme.

Graeme Dunlop has been formally associated with Escape Artists since March 2011, starting with Pseudopod as Audio Producer. He’s an avid fan of PodCastle and has hugely enjoyed narrating there on a regular basis. Since February 2014 he has assisted as PodCastle Associate Editor. He looks forward to working with Rachael to continue bringing high-quality fantasy to the ‘Castle’s many fans.

PodCastle submissions will be temporarily closed during April while the upcoming schedule is arranged. We’re unable to proceed with the the previously scheduled quarterly themed anthology, but all open submissions will be read, considered, and responded to before we reopen for new submissions.

Have any questions? Graeme and Rachael can be reached at editor@podcastle.org.