PodCastle Miniature 001: Stone Born

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Rated G. Contains children, school buses, and elves.

An Escape Pod flash fiction contest submission.
Flash Fiction Contest thread for Stone Born

*According to wikipedia, the word miniature is derived from the Latin minium, red lead, and is a picture in an ancient or medieval illuminated manuscript. We thought it was a good way to describe very short stories with a fantasy theme: a word that indicates brievity, manuscripts, and a medieval atmosphere.

Stone Born

by Loreen Heneghan

They weren’t friends — she being a girl. Plus she had a crooked smile, a  snorting laugh, and a face like some stone-age ax. Even so, he and Brenda were the last kids on the bus route out past those cliffs. Mark let her sit with him when all the other boys were gone. He’d heard her parents were fighting over her, too. Fighting mean.

They never talked about that. As they rumbled along, Brenda taught him to look forward, never turning, even when the faces were like a crowd at the edge of the road. It was cool, like seeing into a strange, goblin world.

About the Author

Loreen Heneghan

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Loreen Henegan lives in Oregon with her husband and infant daughter. They have a very small house in the shadow of an enormous sweetgum tree.

She began writing stories at the age of three, but took a couple of decades off to gain life experience before trying to make a name for herself.

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About the Narrator

Sam Ferree

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Sam Ferree reads stories.

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