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PodCastle 116: Paper Cuts Scissors

by Holly Black Read by Matthew Wayne Selznick Originally published in Realms of Fantasy Sandlin stopped at the landing, gesturing grandly as he called down. “It is my belief that books are living things.” That sent a shiver up Justin’s spine as he thought of Linda. “And as living things, they need to be protected.” […]

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PodCastle Giant 4: Captain Fantasy and the Secret Masters

by Tim Pratt. Read by Matthew Wayne Selznick. The door slid open, revealing another corridor. Floor, walls, and ceiling were all the color of used motor oil, and cameras bristled every couple of feet. “Welcome to the Black Wing, Li.” I didn’t step inside. “I heard you’ve got Bludgeon Man locked up in here. And […]

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PC016: Magnificent Pigs

By Cat Rambo Read by Matthew Wayne Selznick First appeared in Strange Horizons (full text at link) The spring before it happened, I went upstairs and found my ten-year-old sister Jilly crying. Charlotte’s Web, which we’d been reading together at bedtime all that week, lay splayed broken-backed on the floor where she’d thrown it. “What’s […]

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