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PodCastle 391: In the Rustle of Pages

by Cassandra Khaw

read by Anaea Lay

First appeared in Shimmer Magazine. Read it here!

In the armoire beside the marital bed sleeps a chronology of her husband’s metamorphosis: scans inventorizing the tiling on the walls of his heart, the stairwells budding in his arteries. For all of the hurt it conjures, Li Jing thinks his metamorphosis beautiful, too.

Rated PG.

Cassandra Khaw is the business developer for Singaporean video games publisher Ysbryd Games. She also writes for Ars Technica UK whenever possible. When not doing either of those things, she practices muay thai, tries to find time to dance, and reads voraciously. She also writes a variety of fiction, and has a novella entitled RUPERT WONG, CANNIBAL CHEF out with Abaddon Books.

Anaea Lay lives in Seattle, Washington where she sells Real Estate under a different name, writes, cooks, plays board games, takes gratuitous walks, runs theStrange Horizons podcast, and plots to take over the world.  You can hear her audio work in other places including John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey’s The End is Nigh and The End is Now anthologies.  You can find her writing in places such as Lightspeed, Apex, Daily Science Fiction and Escape Pod.  You can stalk her blog or follow her on twitter @anaealay.


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PodCastle 390: Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Bears

“The Sweet Life” by Aidan Doyle.
Read by Graeme Dunlop.

First appeared in Every Day Fiction in 2014.

“My Wife is a Bear in the Morning” by David Steffen.
Read by Sean D Sorrentino.

A PodCastle original!

See David’s Long List Anthology Kindle pre-order page. Availability on more sites coming soon!

“About The Bear” by Spencer Ellsworth.
Read by Cheyenne Wright.

A PodCastle original!

“The First Winter” by Renee Carter Hall.
Read by Jennifer Albert.

First appeared in Renee’s book Wishing Season.

“On Not Noticing A Bear” by Amy Sisson.
Read by Wilson Fowlie.

First published in Every Day Fiction in December 2014.

Have a look at the painting which was the story’s inspiration.

Rated PG

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PodCastle 389: Old Foss is the Name of His Cat

by David Sandner

read by Graeme Dunlop

It was first published in the anthology Clockwork Phoenix 1 (Mythic Delrium, 2008). It was reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s Tails of the Imagination (Night Shade, 2010).

The rain wept against the glass as Old Foss watched impassively behind the window. The Old Man ran back and forth across the cobbled street, his long white nightshirt soaked and clinging to his ungainly frame, his paunched belly and skinny pale legs. His long bedraggled beard leaked, sloughing off water when he shook his head and bellowed: “Where is my Jumbly Girl?” The Old Man knocked on every door he came to, but no one answered for they knew the old Englishman too well.

At first, when the fugues came on, the locals had only shaken their heads at him, then argued with him in broken English or too fluent Italian, especially when the rain came up fast. They pushed him towards the villa he and Old Foss rented; but when the confusion came upon him he would only look at them uncomprehendingly, or look at their doors long after they had shut them with the oddest expression of thwarted desire, then he would wander away again and knock on another wrong door. For no one could see the Jumblies but him and Old Foss. None could know of his time with his Jumbly Girl but Old Foss and himself. Old Foss and he is how it should be for the Jumbly girl would bring him only death for all her promises. Why couldn’t he see that, Old Foss thought crossly, twitching his tail, and was is really so much as all that to love a Jumbly Girl?

Rated PG.

David Sandner is a writer of weirdpunk and a scholar whose work has been nominated for Mythopoeic Awards. His website is but he is currently blogging on the SF at CSUF site through the 2016 Philip K. Dick Conference, April 29-30, to be held on his campus at Cal State Fullerton. Follow the link to learn more and to take part in the conference, and to read about sf, including the library’s special collection holdings on PKD, at CSUF. David is marketing a mystery novel about Mary Shelley called The Triumph of Death.

Brief article about Old Foss.

Read The Jumblies.

Read The Owl and the Pussycat.


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PodCastle Miniature 85: So Inflamed, I Have Left

by Anaea Lay

read by Rachael K. Jones

First appeared in Penumbra Magazine in August 2014.

It’s still days and miles away, but I can feel the heat radiating off its coils all the same.  I think, maybe, it’ll be okay when I get there.

Rated PG.

Anaea Lay lives in Seattle, Washington where she sells Real Estate under a different name, writes, cooks, plays board games, takes gratuitous walks, runs the Strange Horizons podcast, and plots to take over the world. Her work has appeared in a variety of places including Lightspeed, Apex, Escape Pod, and Nightmare.

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