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PodCastle 384: Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Vintage PodCastle

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Flash Fiction Extravaganza!

Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Vintage PodCastle

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PodCastle 383: Abandoned Responsibility

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Rated PG-13

Abandoned Responsibility

by G. Scott Huggins

“Ah, Captain.” The pirate bowed. His accent was crisp and strange, and the crowd hushed as they strained to listen. “I thank you for your hospitality—”

Haraad cut him off with his usual tact. “The captain . . . has better things to do. I’m his son. And we aren’t rescuing you, pirate.”

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PodCastle Miniature 84: The Fox Bride

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Rated PG-13

The Fox Bride

by Mari Ness

He carried the squirming animal to his – no, their, he had to remember that now, their – bedroom, struggling to avoid her sharp teeth. The oversized ring he had given her glimmered on her left front leg; she had spent most of the evening biting and licking at it, when she had not been growling. He had ordered the musicians to play louder, to cover up the noise, but the growls still lingered in his ears.

When he reached the room, he secured her chain to one end of the bed, and sat gingerly at the other end. The waxing moonlight flooded the bed, giving a silver sheen to her red and snowy fur.

“When you are a woman, I can remove the chain,” he told the fox.

The fox barked.

“I swear it,” he said.

A snarl.