PodCastle 418: James and Peter, Fishing

by Anaea Lay

read by Thomas Busby

A PodCastle original!

“Last week was fun,” Peter said mid-morning.
“I’m sure,” James said.
“You’ve mended the sails already?”
Earlier that week, James had kidnapped the mermaid princess and trapped her in a tank suspended from the rigging of his ship. He’d felt oppressed by the weight of another day fishing with Peter, another piece of this alleged paradise conspiring against him. It was a futile gesture. Of course Peter would fly through the rigging, buzzing the crew like a rabid bat before shredding his sails and sending the lovingly crafted tank shattering against the deck. James could have killed the mermaid princess right then as she writhed amidst the mess of broken glass and metal, suffocating in the humid afternoon air, but what was the point? She was meant to be immortal. She belonged here. She was a victim of Peter’s thrall every bit as much as James.

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Rated Pg-13.

Anaea Lay lives in Seattle, Washington where she sells Real Estate under a different name, writes, cooks, plays board games, takes gratuitous walks, runs the Strange Horizons fiction podcast, and plots to take over the world. Her work has appeared in a variety of venues including Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Unidentified Funny Objects 4, and Escape Pod. She tweets as @anaealay and lives online at www.anaealay.com.

Thomas Busby is an up and coming Actor from South Wales, United Kingdom. He is just starting his acting career and eventually hopes to do voice work as well. Currently he is on a podcast called The Larp Book Podcast where he and three friends discuss LARPing and generally just have a good time. In addition, he streams online games at www.twitch.tv/redundantuk.